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Baked Product Imaging System

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What is the cutting edge, convenient and comprehensive method of quality testing bread and baked products? The C Cell Colour is an advanced digital imaging system that gives you the capability to assess the quality of products, ingredients and process conditions. This instrument takes a high-resolution colour image of the baked food sample and uses it to provide detailed, objective and easily readable data.


Use the Calibre Control C Cell Colour to test for:

  • Internal structure
  • External feature
  • Number of cells
  • Net cell elongation
  • Non uniformity
  • Cell diameter
  • Number of holes
  • Wall thickness
  • L*a*b* crumb colour
  • Bread scoring
  • Internal inclusion analysis


Applicable on:

  • Bread
  • Cake and biscuits
  • Snack food
  • Aerated products


Why choose the C Cell Colour?

  • The C Cell Colour provides consistently reliable and repeatable analytical results while removing human error.
  • It is a highly adaptable instrument with adjustable calibrations to suit the needs of your specific application.
  • The C Cell Colour uses a bread scoring system which provides consistent results, regardless of site or circumstances.
  • It provides quantifiable data, which you can use to score against your quality targets.
  • It can provide more than 50 different quality results across a wide range of bakery products.
  • The C Cell Colour is useful in demonstrating the impact of even slight changes in processes, production or ingredients on the structure of bread or baked products.


How does it work?

  1. Place the bread or baked food sample flat in a special draw mechanism.
  2. Once closed, it enables the C Cell to capture a high-resolution digital image of the sample.
  3. From this, the instrument can then provide a detailed data analysis using multiple measurements, which are viewable on-screen.


Why you should use the C Cell Colour

Quality testing and analysis of bread and baked products is essential to meet food standards and to ensure a consistent quality that consumers demand.

The C Cell enables the user to gain valuable, objective data for several critical parameters when it comes to analysing baked product quality, including:

  • Softness – the C Cell can provide a texture profile analysis to characterise the softness of a sample
  • Colour – the C Cell colour gives l*a*b* colour results and data such as internal crumb colour, external crust colour and depth
  • Dimensions – multiple measurements for each sample slice including area, width and even optimum packaging dimensions
  • Shape – the visual appearance of the sample, such as concavity, oven spring and shoulder and bottom roundness
  • Moulding performance – crumb cell elongation measurements provide a visual guide to axis of elongation and level of curvature of the internal crumb structure and give a specific degree of circulation.
  • Cell size – by measuring this, the C Cell can quantify holes, wall thickness, cell areas and volumes


Critical measurements for performance and quality

The C Cell Colour is the ideal fit for analysing and monitoring various baking processes and aspects, and baking products:

  • Bakery production
  • Cake and biscuit production
  • Test baking
  • Ingredients, such as improvers and yeast
  • Research and development
  • Snack food
  • Flour milling
  • Chocolate confectionary
  • Bakery equipment manufacturing
  • Research and plant breeding