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ALERTâ„¢ J5 Professional Breathalyzer

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ALERT J5 is the perfect companion for police roadside breath testing and industrial safety. This handheld breath alcohol tester marries evidential accuracy with sensible storage capabilities to combat impaired driving and ensure the safety of your employees.



  • Passive sampling

ALERT J5 is equipped to test the surrounding ambient environment without active user participation. Simply point, click and analyze the air for the presence of alcohol.

  • Evidential accuracy

ALERT J5 uses an electrochemical sensor, the standard for law-enforcement breath alcohol testers, ensuring both stability and accuracy.

  • Programmable

This tester comes with an intuitive user interface and can be programmed to accommodate any language of any region/country. No matter who you are, or where you are, ALERT J5 has you covered.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

When time is of the essence and supporting documentation is required, ALERT J5 can be paired with a Bluetooth printer to print results on the spot.

Sensor Electrochemical
Display Graphic LCD
Analysis Time <10 seconds
Memory 10,000 time-stamped events
Accuracy ± 5 @ 100 mg/dL
Battery 2 AA alkaline