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Thermal Mass Flow Meters Designed for Gas Flow Measurement

Whether measuring gas flows in a laboratory or manufacturing setting, TSI thermal mass flow meters provide accurate results with multiple data output options. TSI flow meters incorporate a proprietary platinum film sensor designed for measuring gas flows. This enables their use in applications that demand fast response and high accuracy over a wide flow range.

Our flow meters have turn-down ratios greater than 1000:1, due to our thermal flow sensing technology and extensive gas calibration process. The TSI 4000 Series was designed for ultra-low pressure loss to minimize minimize flow circuit back pressure and its impact on the system.

TSI air mass flow sensors are specified as 2% of reading. One TSI mass flow sensor covers the same range as 3% (or more) full scale devices, with better accuracy at most points.

The four millisecond response time of the TSI mass air and gas mass sensor is ideal for closed-loop control systems and integrated volume measurements, and it ensures accuracy in fluctuation flows. 


Features and Benefits

  • Accuracy of two percent of reading (not full scale)
  • High turndown ratio
  • Multi-gas, user-selectable
  • 4 ms response to changes in flow
  • Ultra-low pressure drop
  • RS 232 interface for digital outputs and configurable device options
  • Voltage output of flow rate
  • Measure flow rate, temperature, and pressure (display unit only) in one instrument
  • Temperature and pressure compensation are built-in
  • Calibration certificate is NIST-traceable and included with purchase


  • Laboratory
  • R&D
  • Product development
  • Quality assurance
  • Product testing
  • Metrology
  • Medical and hospital
  • Environmental