4 Essential Science Laboratory Instruments For Your Chemistry Lab

High-quality, accredited science laboratory instruments are the first step to ensuring an excellent lab setup that is able to perform highly precise measurements and experiments, while still guaranteeing the safety of lab staff. Lee Hung Scientific is a leading scientific equipment supplier in Singapore dedicated to providing premium equipment to help achieve your experimental outcomes.

As chemistry lab technicians often work with sensitive reagents, a chemistry laboratory in particular needs equipment that can handle a wide range of applications and experimental setups.

Here are the 4 essential scientific laboratory instruments every chemistry laboratory requires:


1. Homogenizer

From hand-held to high-watt, Lee Hung offers a wide range of homogenizers to suit your laboratory needs. Our product range includes:

  • Bio-Gen PRO200: Small yet powerful hand-held homogenizer with a 144 watt, high-torque motor capable of homogenization in seconds.
  • Multi-Gen 7XL: Package with Multi-Gen 7XL probes manufactured with superior 316 stainless steel and PTFE, enabling homogenizing of samples without cross-contamination or the need to stop.
  • PRO400DS: High-power unit with 3 Turn Speed Knob, Dual-Power Light Indicator for simpler error/problem identification, and PRO TRAC motorized stand for effortless motor position.
  • Multi-Prep Rapid Homogenizer: Homogenizer with automated processes for more consistent results, and programmability functions to store up to 10 different homogenizing programs in memory.


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2. Lab ovens, incubators, water baths

Laboratory ovens, incubators, and water baths are necessary instruments for processes requiring consistent temperatures and specific temperature control. Lee Hung Scientific’s products are expertly designed to provide precise and stable heating with dedicated temperature control features.

  • Lab ovens: Forced air ovens like the SMO14-2 are perfect for high-volume samples and drying applications, whereas vacuum ovens like the SVAC1 can remove moisture from objects in low-pressure environments.
  • Incubators: Different incubators are manufactured to offer controlled environments with unique properties. For example, the SCO6AD is better suited for cell culture laboratories that require strict contamination control, whereas the SCO5A is ideal for sensitive tissue and cell culture applications.
  • Water baths: Our range of laboratory baths like the SWBC22 Circulating Water Bath and SWBR17 Shaking Water Bath have durable finishes and platform trays to ensure the best outcomes for your experimental processes. Different water bath mechanisms offer varying efficiency, precision, and durability for optimal experimental outcomes.


3. Furnace

Laboratory furnaces are essential multi-purpose scientific equipment that can dry, bake, and cure samples, as well as sterilise biohazard waste. Our Muffle Furnace and Melting Furnace are ideal for daily laboratory use, whereas the Tube Furnace offers more configurations in angle of tilt and working height.


4. General lab equipment

This category is quite broad, as it covers a range of equipment that can be crucial for chemistry laboratories. Here are a few options worth looking at:


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