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Lee Hung Scientific is your trusted source for quality scientific instrumentation and environmental monitoring solutions, including chemistry lab equipment supplies and lab renovation in Singapore.

Common Lab Equipment in Singapore

Scientific instrumentation exists to make a scientist’s job easier. Without them, one can only hypothesise. While different labs require different sets of equipment, there are some tools that you will find in most chemistry, research or school science labs.

The type of equipment depends largely on the experiments performed by scientists and researchers. Some of the basic chemistry lab tools include bunsen burners, graduated glass containers, reagent bottles and support stands. These items allow scientists to measure and analyse data efficiently during experiments. 

With advanced technology these days, you can even find the latest lab equipment that comes with Cloud technology capabilities to help store data easily. Other daily essentials include safety equipment such as safety goggles and gloves. These protective gear are critical for the safety of those working in the lab.

At Lee Hung Scientific, you will find a wide range of brands that offer solutions to meet your requirements. 

Make Space for Scientific Breakthroughs

Building a chemistry lab requires proper planning and foresight, and finding the right components to match your requirements is of paramount importance. As your one-stop solution for lab equipment and renovation, Lee Hung Scientific has helped a multitude of industry professionals fit out and design cost-effective labs that meet the highest industry standards.

Whether you are looking for industrial-sized essentials like freezers or incubators, everyday scientific tools like microscopes or beakers; or solutions for space planning in the form of lab renovations, Lee Hung Scientific is here for you. 

Start creating an efficient and effective space for your scientific breakthroughs today. Enquire with our sales representatives to learn more about our capabilities and solutions.



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