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Years Of Experience

One of the leading instrumentation and solutions provider in Singapore and ASEAN established since 1983. We strive to be Your Premier Scientific Source.

Valued Customers

Long-term track record in serving the public and private sectors, spanning across government agencies, regulatory bodies, research institutions to industries in foods, pharmaceuticals, constructions and more.

Leading Scientific Equipment Supplier

Founded in 1983, Lee Hung Scientific is a reputable laboratory equipment supplier and solutions provider in Singapore and across ASEAN. With clients spanning across both public and private sectors, such as notable research institutions, regulatory bodies, and government agencies, our clientele is a testament to the quality of the equipment, furniture, and solutions we provide to modern pharmaceutical, research labs, and beyond.

Your Trusted Supplier For Laboratory Equipment, Furniture & Turnkey Solutions

Lee Hung Scientific stands as your trusted supplier for all your laboratory needs, including top-tier laboratory equipment, specialised furniture, and comprehensive turnkey solutions. With nearly four decades of experience, our reputation as a reliable partner in Singapore and the ASEAN region is built on our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Discover how our expertise and dedication ensure that your laboratory is equipped for success.

Understanding the need for laboratory facilities to be equipped with the latest equipment and technology, our portfolio of services and products are classified as follows for optimal functionality:

Scientific And Laboratory

Lee Hung Scientific is your go-to source for laboratory furniture and scientific equipment. Our extensive range of top-quality products is tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern laboratories. As laboratory furniture and scientific equipment suppliers, we take pride in providing innovative solutions that empower research and experimentation.

Occupational Health, Environmental and Safety Monitoring Equipment

Ensuring a safe and compliant laboratory environment is paramount. Lee Hung Scientific excels not only as laboratory furniture suppliers but also as suppliers of occupational health, environmental, and safety monitoring equipment. We offer cutting-edge solutions that help you maintain the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility.

Laboratory Furniture and Turnkey Solutions

At Lee Hung Scientific, our expertise extends beyond supplying scientific equipment. We specialise in laboratory furniture and turnkey solutions, meticulously designed to optimise your lab’s functionality and efficiency. As experienced laboratory furniture suppliers, we deliver tailored solutions that enhance your laboratory’s workspace and overall productivity.

Industries Served

Construction & Real Estate

In the dynamic world of construction and real estate, Lee Hung Scientific serves as a trusted partner. As scientific equipment suppliers, we provide safety monitoring equipment that improve workers workplace safety and health in construction projects and real estate development.

Food Manufacturing

In the realm of food manufacturing, precision and safety are paramount. Lee Hung Scientific, as laboratory furniture and scientific equipment suppliers, supports the industry with cutting-edge solutions. We enable food manufacturers to maintain the highest standards of quality, hygiene, and efficiency.

Government Agency

Government agencies rely on dependable equipment and furniture solutions. Lee Hung Scientific, as a reputable environmental monitoring equipment, laboratory furniture and scientific equipment supplier, caters to the unique needs of government agencies. We provide solutions that ensure compliance, accuracy, and effectiveness in government operations.

Hospital & Health Care

In the critical field of healthcare, precision and safety are non-negotiable. Lee Hung Scientific, as an occupational health monitoring equipment, laboratory furniture and scientific equipment supplier, empowers hospitals and healthcare institutions with state-of-the-art solutions. 

School & Institution

Educational institutions require reliable tools and furniture to facilitate learning and research. Lee Hung Scientific, as a renowned laboratory furniture and scientific equipment suppliers, cater to the needs of schools and institutions. We provide solutions that enhance the educational experience and promote research excellence.

Marine & Shipping

In the challenging marine and shipping industry, reliability and durability are vital. Lee Hung Scientific, as scientific equipment suppliers, offers solutions that withstand harsh maritime conditions. We support marine and shipping operations with equipment designed for precision and resilience.


The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) sector demands precision and efficiency. Lee Hung Scientific, as scientific equipment suppliers, provides tools and solutions that ensure optimal HVAC system performance. We contribute to energy efficiency and environmental comfort.


The pharmaceutical industry relies on precision and adherence to stringent standards. Lee Hung Scientific, leading laboratory furniture and scientific equipment suppliers, supports pharmaceutical companies in their quest for excellence. We provide cutting-edge equipment and furniture solutions to enable pharmaceutical research and production.

Meeting Laboratory Safety & Performance Standards

Creating a functional laboratory environment is pivotal. Working closely with prestige brands and leading manufacturers of laboratory furniture and lab equipment, Lee Hung Scientific is a reliable supplier of instrumentation and high-performance solutions in Singapore. As your laboratory setup one-stop solutions provider, we support the multifaceted processes of lab design and renovation needs in terms of safety, security, operating standards, and efficiency. Be it in terms of supplying chemistry lab equipment or meeting occupational health and environmental safety standards, we help clients in Singapore achieve plans for facility improvements and furnishing. Merging all expertise, we consider current and future research needs to deliver the best outcomes so that your laboratory is productive in the years to come.

A Leader in Lab Renovation, Equipment & Supplies

From providing standard laboratory equipment to offering repair and calibration services, Lee Hung Scientific ensures that your lab in Singapore is fitted with quality equipment. Developing a detailed and comprehensive plan for laboratory furnishing, Lee Hung Scientific promises to meet all your laboratory objectives, goals, and requirements through the relentless pursuit of innovation in technologies and conceptual solutions. Committed to the creation of optimal lab conditions that are modern, safe, and productive, we take a more secure approach in promoting the reliability, biosafety, and biosecurity in lab renovations and equipment supply. If you are looking for a supplier well-versed in ensuring cost-effective lab space use and lab equipment that abide by industry-wide recommended practices, enquire with us.

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