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Get Your Texture Analyzer CONNECTED


Calling out to all our TA XT Series Texture Analyser (TA) Customers, our sales and service engineers were just back overseas from STABLE MICRO SYSTEMS 2019 Sept Distributor Meeting and there are tons of sales and service updates to share with you guys!

First things first, note that all existing Stable Micro Systems (SMS) range of TA have been further improved and replaced by the latest CONNECT series of TA. To tell if yours is the latest series, simply just check the logo on the front panel of your TA machine.


The latest Connect Series of Stable Micro Systems TA now comes with a standard equipment touchscreen interface allowing you to control and perform simplified test sequence of your TA. In addition, you may also now operate your Connect Series TA from a mobile phone or tablet using the Browser Interface, giving you a range of choice of how-to setup, control, test and collect data.



Moving forward, all of our TA will now come with the Touchscreen Interface (TSI) and is capable of controlling your instrument and running simple tests.

It is ideal for providing a quick result with some single point analysis, such as Maximum Forces in both compression and tension tests. It will even give you a visual summary curve of your test, providing a quick check to see that your test has performed as you expected.

Using the touchscreen, you will also be able to calibrate, control security settings for operators and set up network connections (if required).


The TSI also has inbuilt accelerometer which enables control of your TA arm movement. Checkout the video below:



The Browser Interface capability is also supported with the new connect series of TA and has many of the capabilities provided within the TSI,

With network configuration and setup, you can now run basic functions and certain tests on the TA using your tablets, phones or laptops (without Exponent Software).

A dedicated PC connection to your TA is no longer required. Just open your instrument’s web view and you can start running your tests remotely. Detail in depth analyses of your data can still be performed with the Exponent Connect or Exponent Connect Lite software.

With this Connectivity, multiple instruments can be setup and controlled by one device, either nearby or remotely from your desktop, so that your laboratory personnel can be running tests that you have configured.


Running Your Texture Analyser with the New Exponent Connect

Worried about new learning curve with the upgrades? There is no need to. The upgrading of Exponent software to the Exponent Connect has little to no re-learning required.


If you are an existing user of the Exponent, the user interface of the Exponent Connect is still largely the same with hardly any notable difference. The upgrade is only to cater for new coding scheme to accommodate for the TSI and some other new features. You can still rely on the Exponent Connect to provide full control and customisation, ultra-fast data collection and a huge range of analysis features for every of your application.


Existing Users of SMS Texture Analysers Take Note!

  • Are You Still Using the Old TA XT Plus (Non USB) version?
  • Is your SMS Texture Analyser still the XT2, XT2i, ICON or HDi version?
  • Have you been using your SMS Texture Analyser for more than 10 years?
  • Are you uncertain if your SMS Texture Analyser is still being supported?

If you answer Yes to any of the above, do take note. Your TA may already have only limited or no more support available. Meaning, electronic and mechanical parts of your equipment may no longer be in production and you may not be able to fulfil any corrective or preventive maintenance works. If you have any concerns on the versions, usability and sustainability of your existing TA, please feel free to let us know.



New Probes and Fixtures Available.

Apart from the new upgrades available, there are also a range of new probes and fixtures that could help accustom to your existing application. As there is a whole range of accessories available, do not hesitate to contact our sales representative to find out if there is any fixtures that could benefit your application!

VOLSCAN Appearance Uplift

With the introduction of new Connect circuit boards that are used for TA, they will be used for Volscan in the future too. The outlook of the Volscan Profiler has also been entirely re-designed and facelifted. We absolutely love the new cool, white sleek look of the Volscan Profiler.

Take a look for yourself.

Truly, these are state-of-the-art creations. The improvement allowed for improved accessibility on servicing and toubleshooting. Stable Micro Systems product quality is indeed impressive and is no doubt to us why this has been a world leading brand for over 20 years!

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