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EMS Bruel & Kjaer Noise & Vibration Continuous Monitoring Solutions

Product Training Seminar

Over the past 2 days, our engineer had the opportunity to attend the products training directly from EMS Bruel & Kjaer. It was an intensive 2 days training session and we are loaded with valuable product knowledge and hands on experience.

The EMS Briel & Kjaer Noise Monitoring Terminal (NMT) and Vibration Monitoring Terminal (VMT) are truly a State-Of-The-Art product. Begin categorized as a premiere product, industry personnel would know that the price ranges of EMS Briel & Kjaer products does not reside on the less expensive side. But upon seeing it, you would know why.  The quality is impressive.


Vibration Monitoring Terminal (VMT)

First look on the vibration monitoring terminal without even touching it, you could feel that it is of premium built and design. The smooth, wavy curve like metallic casing surface feels solid and rugged. Not to mention it comes in a classy metallic like shiny off shade color and its beautiful! Take a look at the images and you will know what we mean!

Its front user interface is also very neatly organized. The inbuilt wireless communication link such as 4G and Wi-Fi has a very intuitive LED indicator to let you know if line is up.

Operational wise the VMT already has an inbuilt wireless communication capability. Live or recorded data may be viewed via mobile phone or computer web browser through Wi-Fi. We are impressed be the seamless connectivity it enables between our end devices and the VMT. In just less than a minute, we could connect via Wi-Fi and start the monitoring process via our mobile phones.

The GUI is also Impressive. You can have reports, data, graphs etc. sent to you in various formats, all done hassle freely. We did a couple of live tests to the geophone measurement by giving it a slight push, we could see a raise in the peak velocity almost instantly on our phones.


Noise Monitoring Terminal

The Noise Monitoring Terminal comes in a deployable layout with everything you need in a box. It consists of the class 1 2250 noise logger, attachable microphone with standing poles, battery and solar panel to keep the monitoring ongoing with solar power. The deployment is really easy and took our engineer only a couple of minutes to set up.



Predicting Noise? They have a simulation software which allows for the prediction of future noise levels which would be especially useful for Noise Consultants. It allows for the comparison of alternative noise reduction scenarios, levels to be assessed even when contaminated by high background noise such as industrial plant in the vicinity of a busy road, or even production of noise contour maps from one or more sources including roads, railways, industries, construction sites and airports.



Apart from all the hardware hands on sessions and demonstrations from the trainers, we also had a glims of the SENTINEL Environmental Monitoring solutions which aids in data management of various environmental parameters. SENTINEL has the capability to manage real-time noise, vibration dust and air quality data for user needs in ensuring compliances. If operations exceed certain defined limits, the system issues real-time alerts that enable yo to immediately act to mitigate the impact. The service’s secure, scalable architecture is monitored 24 hours a day by EMS Bruel & Kjaers internal operations center to deliver the performance, reliability and accessibility required by end customers.

The key takeaway we have from SENTINEL? Is really the sharing of how other distributors at other regions helped the local airports grow and manage its related environmental impact through the use of SENTINEL and various noise, vibration and dust monitoring.

Other applicable industries of the Sentinel systems shared during the training includes Constructions, Mines, Quarries, Road and Railways and Chemical Plants.


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