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How does your Food Feel? The Flavor of Texture.

Food Feel?

Have you ever ordered a palatable looking plate of noodles only to be disappointed by its soggy texture? How about a savory smooth looking chocolate treat except to be surprised by its hard rock texture? Other than appearance and flavor of food, its Texture, and its Volume, are crucial factors in the overall Food Quality and mouthfeel.

About Food Texture

Crispy chips or chewy gummies, such texture descriptions refer to those qualities of a food that can be felt with fingers, tongue or teeth. It comes from a sensory perspective to evaluate the texture of food, how it flows, stretch or break in our mouth when our teeth and tongue exert a force on the food. Texture superiority could be the breaking point to classifying a normal supermarket S$1.50 chocolate bar to 5-star Godiva “G” collection chocolates worth S$165.60 per pound.


Why Measure?

Because Food Quality matters!

  • What percentage of yeast ratio create enough bread sponginess? 
  • Which manufacturing procedure gives us the best retail-ready grated cheese?
  • What is the viscosity difference from yogurt produced from milk fermenting process that range between 24 to 36 hours?

From a manufacturer's perspective, food texture analysis could be assessing the functionality of an ingredient within the production process or its effect on the finished product. From a customer's perspective, food texture analysis could be a vital assessment to ensure an anticipated or expected sensory property, quality or functional performance of a food.

The Stable Micro System Texture Analyser have proved to be an indispensable tool when you need to quantify the texture or overall physical properties of your 'Gold Standard' product for future comparison in manufacture – the key to maintaining consistent textural quality.

Measure Texture The Scientific Way!

The term mouth feel is a general term used to describe the textural properties of a food as perceived in the mouth. From a scientific perspective, food texture is the analysis of the rheological properties of food, where rheology is defined as the science of deformation and flow of matter. In simpler terms it is the reaction of a food when a force is applied to it. Texture Analyzer is such an instrument to enable the measurements of food texture properties.


SIZE Does Matter!!

Besides Texture, factors such as food Volume and its Density is of paramount importance! Thanks to the advances in Science and Technology, we can now measure all of this parameter scientifically!

Do you need to perform the following?

  • Determine food product dimensions variations through different ingredients, formulation or processing variables
  • Food Product Quality Control
  • Assess food product dimensional changes during storage or transportation
  • Do you need to perform the following?

The VolScan Profiler is a benchtop laser-based scanner that measures the volume and dimensional profiles of products and is particularly suited (but not limited) to bread and bakery products.

It comes with a Software and displays the finished test scan result as 2D and 3D profiles, giving insights on product length, height, width and even basic measurements of weight, surface area and specific volume. Additional parameters and calculations can also be defined by user to aid manufacturers in their requirement in rapid product measurements.


Is Your Food A Survivor?

To know your food product stability, Water Activity in food is an important parameter in the field of food science and safety. It explains how water in food react with microorganisms. The higher the water activity, the faster microorganism like bacteria, yeast and mold will be able to grow. Therefore, water activity analysis is crucial in qualitative considerations such as product stability, shelf life (e.g. microbiological & enzymatic stability, aroma retention), handling characteristics, physical properties and chemical stability.

For this, METER Group Aqualab Water Activity meters are able to provide manufacturers with quick and accurate water activity readings.



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