Powder Flow Analyser | Lee Hung Scientific Pte Ltd
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Quantify Powder Flow Measurements for the following:


  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Industrial


The Powder Flow Analyser Offers:


  • Application with many types of powder capable of flow, not just free flowing powders
  • Rapid, automated, tests and analysis routines for Go - No Go quality control applications
  • Sample pre-conditioning at the start of the test, giving independence from variable sample loading
  • Exact repetition of test sequence best suited to your need, time after time
  • User programmable test cause flow in the sample by slicing, shearing, compressing, compacting, mixing and lifting in any combination and in any sequence 
  • Flow behaviour measurements that define the sample's behaviour during the programmed test
  • Objective, numeric, real-time display and automated analysis of the flow measurements, to uniqely chraacterise and rank the sample


Typical Measurements:


  • Powder Flow Analysis
  • Assessment of Powder Cohesion
  • Assessment of Powder Caking Potential
  • Measurement of Powder Speed Flow Dependence
  • Powder Compaction
  • Granule Compaction to assess Compressibility / Friability
  • Single Particle Mechanical Strength



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