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Refrigerant Leak Detector (Tru Pointe)

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The Tru Pointe® is designed to be instantly responsive to all refrigerants. It is even accurate when used in environments where high levels of refrigerant vapors are present. No manual sensitivity adjustments are necessary during the inspection process. 





  • Sensing Elements                            Type: Plug-in, Patented, Heated Diode — U.S. Patent No. 5,932,176

                                                                     Life Expectancy: 150 hours or 1 year of normal use


  • Refrigerants Detected                       All CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants including: R-12, R-22,

                                                                     R-123, R-134a and blends R-404A, R-408A, R-409A and R-410A

                                                                     (i.e., any refrigerant containing Chlorine, Fluorine or Bromine gas)


  • Alarm Sensitivity                                  0.1 oz/year of R134a (hardest to detect refrigerant)


  • Warm-up Time                                    10 seconds


  • Response Time                                  Instantaneous


  • Battery Life                                            8 to 13 hours continuous operation, dependent on

                                                                    sensitivity mode


  • Probe                                                     14" (356mm) flexible


  • Agency Approvals                                UL listed in accordance with SAE J1627