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IRHD/ Shore Hardness Tester on plastics and elastomers

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The modular Digi Test II consists of 4 major components, the test stand, the loading module, the electronic unit and the interchangeable measuring unit for measuring unit for methods of IRHD, Shore and VLRH. The unit with standard specification is designed to be used in laboratories and customization is possible to make it an ideal integration into your production lines.


Types of Measuring methods:

Shore A, AO, 0, C, D D0, 00, 000, 000 S, E, micro Shore A, micro Shore D, Shore AM/M, IRHD L, IRHD N, IRHD M, IRHD H, VLRH



DIN ISO 7619, DIN EN ISO 868, DIN 53505, ASTM D 2240, DIN ISO 48, DIN ISO 27588, NFT 46-003, ASTM D 1415, JIS K 6253


Sample positioning devices:

With the help of a sample positioning device, measuring on irregular shaped samples can be much easier and result accurate.