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HPE II FFF - For testing of fruit pulp firmness

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Hardness tester for the determination of the firmness of fruit pulp – non destructive -


Standard equipment

Digital hardness tester HPE II


Advantages HPE II

Data storage for 300 measuring results


Data Logger

Electronic unit for data saving and statistical evaluation


Software Hardtest for Windows

Data acquisition and data analysis



Dimensions L x B x H (mm)  Weights
Hardness Tester 190 x 70 x 40 0.67 kg



Optional accessories / application range:


indenter 0,1 cm² cylindrical   - for peaches, apricots and plums

indenter 0,25 cm² cylindrical - for cherries, melons, tomatoes, grapes, blueberries

indenter 0,50 cm² cylindrical - for strawberries, water melons, broccoli, meat

indenter 2,5 mm ball                - for kohlrabi, cucumber, carrots, radish

indenter 5,0 mm ball                - for avocados, papayas, apples, mangoes, pears, oranges and citrus fruits

indenter 6,35 mm ball              - for boiled potatoes, bananas, smoked fish