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This minirhizotron root scanning system takes non-destructive, high-resolution digital color images of roots, root hairs, and mycorrhizae in the soil, enabling observation of root growth and behavior over time. The CI-600 can service multiple durable, acrylic access tubes for measurements throughout multiple growing seasons.



  • Provides a high-resolution underground color image of living roots in the soil
  • Enables observation of root growth and behavior over time; one or multiple growing seasons
  • Portable and field ready for fast accurate root and soil images



Included with the CI-600 package, RootSnap! software has integrated image enhancement features, which allow users to optimize scanned images for more accurate processing. This eliminates the need to switch to alternate image enhancement programs. Files are stored in common open file formats (XML) and supports exporting data to apps like Excel.

Image Size 21.6 × 19.6 cm (8.5" × 7.7")
Scan Speed 30-480 seconds* depending on scanning 
resolution (100DPI-600DPI)
Image Resolution Up to 600 DPI
Computer Handheld tablet
Interface USB Cable
Scan Head Dimensions 34.3 cm long × 6.35 cm diameter
Scanner Unit Weight 750g
System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 
1GB Memory/RAM 1GHZ+ Processor

*Scan speeds for handheld table included with scanner. Scan speeds vary with device used to operate scanner.

Root Tube Dimensions

Inner Diameter 2.5 in (6.35cm)
Outer Diameter 2.75 in (7cm)
Wall Thickness 0.12 in (3.2mm)
Standard Length 41.3 in (105cm)



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